SEO for your business – Why is it important?

SEO for your business – Why is it important?

SEO! You’ve heard about it. You may have even been on a training course or two relating to digital marketing which I’m almost certain would have mentioned and covered search engine optimisation (I hope so anyway) Here are some key points on why it is so important to your company.

  1. Visibility

How can a new potential customer find you if well, they can’t find you? studies show that 75% of users will never scroll past page one of Google to search for a related product of service that they have looked for. Visibility is crucial to your business as without it you’ll get customer who already know who you are. The trick is rank for words relating to your business but not your actual name. You’ll hopefully already have that covered with your domain and content although SEO is still relevant to direct searches.

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2. Supporting your content marketing

You’ll either be managing your own content marketing or have an agency that does this for you. Whether it’s social media management, writing engaging blog posts (Also a great on-page practice to boost traffic and share information) Whilst SEO is the technical aspect of digital marketing that drives quality traffic to your website without great content potential clients will lose interest. The two need to cooperate like a happily married couple.

3. Customer trust

Being ranked well on search engines is not just about bragging rights against your competitors and a terrific way to bring relevant customers to your website. It also ensures trust with users who make that all important click to your site. It’ll be an indication that you’re there on merit and due to your businesses quality content, product and/or service.

4. Stay ahead of the competition

Like most industries your competition will be fierce. This isn’t always a terrible thing as competition means your product or service is desirable. What it will also mean is that you need to be on the ball when it comes to making sure you’re the front runner against your competitors. SEO is a vital necessity in ensuring this.

These are just a few key points on why SEO is instrumental to business growth and development. Here at Johnston Marketing, we offer a full audit of your website and up-to 5 key phrases you wish to improve your ranking on. You can contact us on 01843 491229 or email [email protected]

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