9 Principles of Website Design

9 Principles of Website Design

Your website says everything about your business & brand.

Here a Johnston Marketing we’ve designed websites in a variety of sectors. We’ve seen pretty much everything over the years. Here are 9 golden & fundamental principles of website design.

1. Use content to create a sense of community and connection. Content should be interesting, informative, and engaging.

2. Use clean, easy-to-use design elements. Elements such as well-organized menus, clear layout, and easy-to-understand language will help make your site easy to use.

3. Use effective images and videos to promote your site and attract more visitors. Appeal to your audience with interesting visuals, compelling content, and eye-catching design elements.

4. UseHeader tags and other relevant search engine optimization techniques to ensure your website is found by potential customers.

5. Plan carefully before creating your site.Make sure your site alignment with company values, target audience, and overall brand.

6. Promote your site through effective SEO techniques, including on marketing and social media channels.

7. Keep your site regularly updated with new content, design elements, and SEO optimizations.

8. Monitor and occasionally adjust your site to ensure it continues to perform well.

9. Remember: your website is a vehicle for marketing your business. Take the time to create a site that will be an asset, not a liability.

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Tim is the founder and managing director of Johnston Marketing