PPC Advertising & SEO – Why They Need Each Other

PPC Advertising & SEO – Why They Need Each Other

Here at Johnston Marketing, we’re often asked what’s more important SEO or PPC Advertising? The answer is….Both! They serve vital purposes and massively contribute to your businesses online success. Here we discuss why you need to carry out both practices when it comes to effective digital marketing.

When it comes to SEO, there are many pieces that go into making a successful website that ranks highly in search engine rankings. One piece of the puzzle is paid advertising. Paid advertising can include pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements, banner ads, and other forms of online advertising. Though it may be easy to overlook paid advertising in favour of more traditional SEO tactics, paid ads can actually have a great impact on your overall results.

To understand why paid ads are so important for SEO, it is important to get a better understanding of how search engine algorithms work. Most search engines use digital crawlers to index websites and rank them on a number of different metrics. Crawlers use digital algorithms to determine the relevancy of a website and its contents to a given query.

Sites with high rankings in search results are typically ones that contain keywords and other SEO-friendly features. However, algorithms also take into account other external factors, such as paid advertising. Paid advertising helps to increase a website’s visibility and draw in more traffic, and search engines tend to favor sites with a high number of visitors. Paid ads also generate backlinks that link to a website, which can help increase its relevance and search engine rankings.

Essentially, the use of paid advertising can lead to increased traffic and backlinks which, in turn, can assist in improving search engine rankings.

Furthermore, paid ads can help boost the relevancy of a website and its contents. When a website has a large number of paid advertisements, it can be seen as being more relevant in the eyes of search engine algorithms, as it is being supported by businesses and organizations.

It is worth noting that the relevancy of a website also influences its rankings in search results. In conclusion, paid ads can have a great impact on SEO results. Paid ads can increase a website’s visibility and generate backlinks that link to the site. Additionally, paid ads can help to increase a website’s relevance to search engine algorithms, which can consequently help improve its search engine rankings.

Therefore, it is important to consider paid advertisements when devising a comprehensive SEO strategy.

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