How TikTok Has Shifted Digital Advertising

How TikTok Has Shifted Digital Advertising

TikTok, the social media app that has caught the attention of marketers, has shifted digital advertising to the next level. The platform has exploded in popularity since its launch in China in 2016. It now boasts more than 1 billion monthly active users worldwide.

It’s no surprise then that TikTok is becoming a go-to platform for brands looking for more conversions. In fact, research shows that users of the TikTok app shop more frequently than those on other social platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Why You Should Choose TikTok For Advertisement

Here are some reasons why you should choose TikTok as your advertising platform:

·       Affordable Ads

TikTok ads are affordable. The cost of an ad on TikTok is low (0.19$ CPC), especially in comparison to other social networks such as Instagram ($0.50-$0.95 CPC) or Snapchat. Thus, ads on TikTok can be incredibly effective and provide a high return on investment (ROI).

·       Large And Young Audience

TikTok has over 1 billion users, and its audience is young. The platform is especially popular with teens and people in their early 20s, who spend an average of about 52 minutes a day on the app.

TikTok users are mostly women, and most of them live in Asia. Americans are also fairly active on TikTok, making up about 21% of its user base.

·       Highly Engaged Users

The TikTok users are highly engaged. They spend 1.37x more time in the app than Facebook users. This audience is more likely to purchase products they see on the platform.

·       Multi-Platform Reach

TikTok users are highly likely to share content with their friends and followers on other platforms like Facebook or Twitter after viewing it in their feeds, making them ideal for any brand that wants to expand its reach beyond just one platform.

·       Interactive Advertisements

TikTok allows users to interact with your brand in a variety of ways. You can use interactive ads to engage with your audience. In turn, you can offer them valuable content they’d want to see.

For example, if you promote a product or service, you can create quizzes that ask people questions about your product or service. If someone answers the question correctly, they’ll likely feel more compelled to purchase said product or service. It is because they were able to demonstrate their knowledge of it through the quiz.

·       Convenient For Brands

TikTok is working to make the platform more accessible for brands. The app has rolled out new features that allow brands to reach their target audience in various ways, including push notifications and improving search functionality.

·       Variety Of Ad Formats

TikTok is a platform that offers users a variety of ad formats. Some of them are more effective than others. These are some of the most popular ad formats used by TikTok:

·       Brand Takeover

A brand takeover is an ad format in which a brand takes over the entire TikTok feed. This can be done by creating a video and posting it or using the TikTok app to create a video and post it.

·       In-Feed Native Video

In-feed native ads are banner units at the top of the user’s feed that looks like status updates or comments from other users. They can include text and image components. This allows advertisers to use them for brand awareness, product promotion, or customer service messaging.

·       Topview

A topview is a native ad that appears at the top of a user’s feed and takes up the entire screen. They’re great for making a big impact with a small budget since you can capture your audience’s attention without taking up too much room in their feed.

·       Branded Hashtag Challenge

Brands can create a branded hashtag challenge and ask their followers to respond with a video. The brand will then choose one winner and share that winning video on the branded hashtag challenge and their own channel.

·       Branded Effect

Branded effect ads are a great way to drive awareness and increase brand affinity. You can use them as standalone ads or as an overlay for other ad units.

An Overview

Above all, what TikTok users are looking for is a place for entertainment, where content is king and jokes reign supreme. Hence, they’ve discovered TikTok as a social community. Subsequently, it means that brands consider using TikTok as an effective marketing platform, thanks to its accessibility for brands and effective ad formats.

So TikTok has shifted digital advertising for marketers (or brands) to a whole new level. If you are looking forward to advertising on TikTok, it is always recommended to hire experts if you are new to it (or doing it for the first time).

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